Paradox Publishing

Dr. Peter Nunn

M.B., F.R.C.S., F.R.S.C.(C)

Peter Nunn was born in London England and trained at the London Hospital Medical College. He emigrated to Canada and settled in Creston BC, where he began a successful orthopaedic and general surgical practice. Later, his reflections on his patient's case histories, coupled with his own low back pain, and his re-encounter with an early childhood trauma, forced him to question the mechanical or structural basis of surgery, and he began the long but fruitful journey into complementary medicine.

While in Creston, he started to look at what was then called Alternative Medicine (now called Complementary or Integrated Medicine). Initially he set up an acupuncture clinic on one afternoon doing surgery on the other 4½ days.

In 1980, Peter and his wife Heather, moved to Victoria where they co-founded the Victoria Stress and Pain centre, structuring experiential programs for patients with illnesses unresponsive to conventional treatment. During the next ten years, Peter studied many other disciplines, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, craniosacral therapy, and experiential counselling. He and Michael Greenwood began working together in 1985 to find new ways to provide relief to whiplash patients. After 10 years, due to stress Peter left the Centre in Michael's capable hands and started a solo medical practice in chronic disease, notable pain, fatigue and cancer.

Peter eventually retired to Duncan B.C., where he died August 2014. His inspiration lives on in Paradox & Healing.